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6066 Subminiature Headset Microphone

6066 Subminiature Headset Microphone | Red Dot Design Award

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The elegantly unobtrusive 6066 Subminiature Headset Microphone was specifically developed for public performances. The ergonomic shape grips the head snugly and does not slip even during vigorous movement. The spring mechanism around the ears provides a gentle yet firm grip to ensure the device sits in place securely and comfortably. Users can easily adjust the headset while wearing so that it specifically fits the shape of their head. In addition, the powerful 3 mm microphone ensures that the performance is heard clearly by the entire audience.

Statement by the Jury

The 6066 Subminiature Headset ­Microphone, which inconspicuously goes with a range of different styles of clothing, allows for unrestricted freedom of movement.

Red Dot Design Award