Mobile Air Compressors

8 Series Serie 8

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The mobile air compressors of the 8 Series all weigh less than 750 kg. This allows them to be towed by a normal passenger car, without needing a special driving licence. The canopy consists of a non-corrosive polyethylene “HardHat” and withstands the harshest conditions. All of the compressors consume, on average, 12 per cent less fuel than comparable models. They are simple and quick to service: all components are easily accessible and the filters are threaded for simple connection.

Statement by the Jury

The powerful 8 Series air compressors captivate with their lightweight design, allowing them to be used in many different contexts.

  • Manufacturer:
    Atlas Copco, Antwerp, Belgium
  • In-house design:
    Atlas Copco, Antwerp, Belgium