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8pandas Series1

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Bamboo is a fascinating plant, which can grow very tall in a short time. For thousands of years it has been used in many different ways, particularly in Asia. Created from a sophisticated concept, the design of 8pandas Series1 makes the most of the advantages this sustainable material has to offer and uses it to innovative effect for tableware. Bamboo has numerous environmental advantages and is grown without needing to use pesticides. Both the shape and the feel of this tableware are attractive. Gentle curves and balanced proportions characterise the design. It is surprising that the use of bamboo has resulted in such a velvety surface as well as warm, natural colours, making the 8pandas Series1 appealing to touch and look at – again and again. Bamboo is also ideally suited to realising a key aim of the designers: to create products for daily life that are sustainable and exemplary. The manufacturing process for this tableware uses a minimal amount of energy and therefore helps to consume fewer natural resources. Aside from having an elegant, organic appearance, this tableware is very sturdy and dishwasher proof. The realisation of an eco design that takes into account the smallest details has led to a unique product – the eco design tableware 8pandas Series1. Its natural material becomes apparent and palpable.

Statement by the Jury

The eco design tableware 8pandas Series1 is so attractive because it has rounded contours. The raw material, bamboo fibre, has here been used to innovative effect and gives this tableware series its distinct aesthetic appeal. The maxim of sustainability has successfully been achieved with this product, as it is inherent to the material used. This tableware has a soft stylistic design, but simultaneously communicates its high degree of usability.

  • Manufacturer:
    8pandas Ltd., Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • In-house design:
    8pandas Ltd., Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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