Brand Concept

8th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art

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Multifunctional text elements were used to communicate and promote the 8th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art. At the core of the visual identity are two brackets that form the iconic symbol of a halved “8” in reference to the Berlin Biennale’s eighth edition. When expanded, the brackets act as a parenthesis containing exhibition venues and also phrases by the artist Agatha Gothe-Snape that reflect a multitude of curatorial and artistic voices. A spectrum of background colours was selected for the subtlety and natural quality of the hues, which contrast with the thick, black typography.

  • Client:
    KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin
  • Design:
    Zak Group, London
  • Typography:
    Radim Peško, London
  • Programming:
    Studio Scasascia, London