Red Dot Design Award

936 – The Bicompax Chronograph

936 – The Bicompax Chronograph | Red Dot Design Award

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The hour and minute hand of this mechanical wristwatch is rhodium-coated and matt-brushed, while the second hand sets a subtle red accent beneath the polished glass rim. The SZ05 chronograph movement displays the stopwatch minutes with a 60-second scale, eliminating the need to add the stopwatch minutes as is the case with common 30-second scales. The watch is pressure-resistant up to 10 bar, resistant to low pressure and equipped with magnetic field protection. Thanks to a specially hardened surface, the stainless steel case remains scratch-free even under heavy use.

Statement by the Jury

The sporty chronograph stands out due to its robustness, its useful functions and a concise face layout, which showcases an appealing sense of clarity.

Red Dot Design Award