99 Reasons Why Our Website Is Not Online Yet

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This HTML5 canvas video experiment was created as an under-construction-website for an advertising agency. It presents “99 reasons why our website is not online yet”. The consistent look and feel of the website is characterised by progressive enhancement and maximum utilisation of different technical features. 99 short film sequences illustrate, with humour and irony, the most common reasons and excuses why a work is not finished yet – with the spectrum ranging from weather to technical issues.

  • Client:
    Screenagers, Vienna
  • Design:
    Screenagers, Vienna
  • Creative Direction:
    Stefan Rasch
  • Art Direction:
    Verena Stummer
  • Film Direction:
    Deniz Arslan
  • Programming:
    Roman Huy-Prech
  • Camera:
    Philipp Grausam, Vienna
  • Music/Sound Design:
    Elder Roche