Exhibition Space

A World without Longitude or Latitude


The design of this exhibition space breaks with the traditional approach to viewing objects. With the aim of uniting tradition and modernity, the design concept uses a theoretical approach to evolution to play with spatial perception. This process, characterised by testing, discarding and reconstruction, led to the creation of a contemporary room system. In the exhibition space, the visual axes therefore do not run across the length or width of the room in the usual way. Instead, transparent curtains create a spatial situation that does away with right angles.

  • Client:
    Shenzhen Tiangongdangdai Culture Development Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China
  • Design:
    Deve Build, Shenzhen, China

Statement by the Jury

The powerful design of this exhibition space is impressive for its creation of a modern room system whose concept is based on a coexistence of the traditional and the contemporary.