Modular Furniture System

AAndres Eileen & Frank


The dimensions of the AAndres Eileen & Frank modular furniture system are based on the Golden Ratio. The shelf boards and cross bars can be mounted in any combination and there are six different heights, five different widths and five different depths with fixed spaces of 8 cm. The system’s luxurious, hand-finished surfaces are made of a specially cast aluminium alloy, which shows very low vibration. The extremely slim shelves, made of high-quality materials, seem to float between the aluminium partitions. All structural elements that contribute to the stability of the system have been moved inside, in order to make all visible elements very thin. All the connecting parts are made in-house. Only the drawer fixings are standard furniture industry supplies. Furthermore, the system’s low-emission production methods and the fact that all parts can be recycled separately ensure to a high degree that they are not harmful to the environment.

  • Manufacturer:
    SFS Swiss Furniture Systems GmbH, Switzerland
  • Design:
    Andy Andresen, Switzerland