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This app is a messenger for the iPhone with a twist: instead of emoticon smiley faces, it uses so-called “Acousticons”. Created for and played by the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra, these little icons give musical expression to a wide range of emotions. Acousticons such as “Amabile” (lovely), “Giocoso” (funny) and “Furioso” (angry) illustrate the respective emotion not only through distinct icons in the shape of notes, but also through full orchestral accompaniment.

  • Client:
    Philharmoniker Hamburg
  • Design:
    Draftfcb Deutschland GmbH, Hamburg
  • creative direction:
    Dirk Haeusermann, Patrik Hartmann, Michael Okun
  • art direction:
    Vitali Nazarenus, Markus Schmidt, Semjon Janzen, Elena Balzer
  • text:
    Saemi Sebastian Bouchareb, Verena Kessler, Elena Praetze
  • film production:
    Estelle Bolin, Holger Siegle, onehousemedia, Optix Digital Pictures
  • music/sound design:
    Loft Tonstudios Hamburg
  • programming:
    Akryl Digital Agency