Act of Love

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“Act of Love” is a visual dictionary based on over seven years of research into animal courtship behaviour. The featured images were shot by various international photographers and re-photographed for the purpose of integrating the tone within the design context of a photography book. The goal was to create a visual dictionary that is easy to read, using catchy copy and simple explanations rather than difficult terms targeted towards experts. Paying careful attention to bookbinding, the publication uses lightweight paper for its large-format design to deliver a physically comfortable reading experience.

  • Design:
    Chieko Zaitsu, Tokyo Kei Ishimaru, London
  • Production:
    Atsuki Yukawa, Rock’n Roll Japan Inc., Tokyo
  • Creative Direction:
    Koichiro Tanaka, Projector Inc., Tokyo
  • Supervision:
    Keisuke Ueda, Rikkyo University, Tokyo
  • Project Direction:
    Hideaki Oki, Hakuhodo Kettle Inc., Tokyo
  • Client:
    Sagami Rubber Industries Co., Ltd.
  • Art Direction/Planning/Editing:
    Chieko Zaitsu, Tokyo