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ACT.O | Red Dot Design Award

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Flowing interaction

In busy professional kitchens, the form and functionality of an oven determine the working process significantly. The design of the ACT.O combi oven focuses on both a user-centred approach and the maxim of maintaining a clearly recognisable brand identity. The well-balanced style features sharp lines and an elegant-looking colour scheme that aims to convey a sense of robustness and reliability. A functionally sophisticated, boomerang-shaped handle facilitates opening the oven door even with full hands. Great convenience is provided by the large 10" touch display with its completely redesigned interface as well as the ergonomic knob, which has been integrated in such a way that chefs no longer have to shift the eyes from the display to the knob anymore. The entire control panel is detachable from the front side, allowing technical maintenance to be done as quickly and easily as possible. Furthermore, the panel is made of two different pieces of glass that can be personalised separately, making the work easier and more effective. The covers of core probe and accessory ports are detachable and magnetic. With its cleverly thought-out concept, the ACT.O combi oven offers the fascinating experience of smoothly flowing interaction during cooking.

Statement by the Jury

The professional ACT.O oven fascinates with a user interface that has been carefully designed to the last detail. The highly functional control panel and the distinctive, ergonomically designed rotary knob offer a new, direct approach towards interaction. The entire interface is simple and highly self-explanatory. The combi oven promotes professionalism at first glance and lends efficiency and lightness to the work processes in professional kitchens.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    Angelo Po, Carpi (Modena), Italy
  • Design:
    Studio Volpi, Massimo Battaglia, Carnago (Varese), Italy
ACT.O | Red Dot Design Award
ACT.O | Red Dot Design Award
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