Talking and Vibrating Wristwatch


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Acustica has been designed for limited eyesight and/or hearing. The dial is particularly large, highly contrasting, plainly designed and therefore easily read. Furthermore, the time can be given by vibration which is reliable in a noisy environment, at quiet moments, however, discreetly. At the press of a button the sound output can be changed. Good speech quality is thereby produced and there is the option of selecting German, French, Italian, British or US English.

Statement by the Jury

The Acustica proves itself convincingly with its high functionality and simple operability.

  • Manufacturer:
    SZBLIND, Schweizerischer Zentralverein für das Blindenwesen, Lenzburg, Switzerland
  • Design:
    CECIL & CECIL, Sebastian Muniz, Neuchâtel, Switzerland