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Sitting in his kitchen, the protagonist of this online film recalls his previous job as a crash test dummy with pride: as a real overachiever he has scrapped quite a number of cars in his career. However, he is currently in a crisis. He wants to travel the world, break free of the chains of his dreary life consisting of obstacles being put in his way. Eager to fulfil his dream of freedom, he discovers driving on two wheels. Moving around in fresh open air without being confined to a tin box – he finds out this is what he yearns for and starts out on a search on the Internet. His initial fear that cycling cannot possibly be as safe as driving a car quickly passes, as the German automobile association ACV AutomobilClub Verkehr now also offers the advantages of the ACV Mobilitätsschutz (ACV Mobility Insurance) to cyclists. In time for the start of the cycling season, this announcement was spread in a 120secondlong online video to promote that the free extension of the service offer for club members now includes roadway repair services for cyclists.

Statement by the Jury

To feature a crash test dummy as the main actor in this commercial video is brilliant and an excellent idea that matches the automobile club’s change in perspective. Told in a highly human and emotional way, viewers easily identify with the dummy’s feeling of monotony and constriction and become able to understand what biking means to him in contrast. The message is overall consistently conveyed.

  • Animation:
    Dondon, Berlin, Germany
  • Client:
    ACV Automobil-Club Verkehr e.V., Cologne, Germany
  • Creative Direction:
    Dennis Duncker
  • Project Management:
    Tobias Kreimer
  • Design/Concept:
    DUNCKELFELD, Cologne, Germany
  • Film Direction:
    Josh Patrick Dawson, Berlin, Germany
  • Film Production:
    Lovestone Film, Berlin, Germany
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By starting the video, you agree that data, e.g. your IP address, will be sent to Vimeo.