Portraits & Caricatures


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This series of illustrations was created to attract new staff for an advertising agency. The basic idea of the campaign was that job seekers are not only interested in their salary, their position or major clients of a potential employer, but most of all in their future colleagues. Accordingly, the agency posted an illustration on Instagram every day, introducing a different staff member each time. The entertaining portraits proved to be very popular and properly fulfil their purpose of conveying a pleasant working atmosphere.

  • Artwork:
    Benedikt Bockshecker
  • Creative Direction:
    Burkhard Müller, Oliver Drost
  • Client:
    deepblue networks AG, Hamburg
  • Motion Design:
    Thea Oppermann
  • Text:
    Stefan Anlauf
  • Music/Sound Design:
    German Wahnsinn, Hamburg
  • Design:
    deepblue networks AG, Hamburg