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adidas miCoach SMART RUN

adidas miCoach SMART RUN | Red Dot Design Award

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Runners worldwide are training on the most diverse tracks, following their own rituals and goals. The adidas miCoach Smart Run was developed to offer runners optimised possibilities for individual training and self-monitoring based on the latest technology. Following an innovative approach, this smartwatch for runners merges a variety of different functions into a single product. This device allows runners to monitor and access the latest information on performance and body functions while running, without the need for external sensors that have to be attached to the body. Thus runners can easily monitor important control functions such as heart rate directly off the wrist. Data is intuitive and easy to access and read via a coloured touchscreen. In addition, runners can listen to their favourite music wirelessly over Bluetooth stereo headsets and are able to track their runs using GPS mapping. The miCoach Smart Run does not hinder the runner in any way; rather it is light and well-balanced. The concept for this running watch was developed in close collaboration with athletes and thus also integrates the phases immediately before and after a run. After a workout, the collected data is automatically synchronised over Wi-Fi to the online training platform on The miCoach Smart Run lends individual training a sense of lightness that feels natural.

Statement by the Jury

As a true sports computer, the adidas miCoach Smart Run offers athletes the innovative possibility of selfmonitoring their performance based on modern technology. This smartwatch is sophisticated and trendsetting. The user interface features a clean design and is intuitive to read. It gives runners very easy access to their personal data via a touchscreen, allows them to listen to their favourite songs and use the integrated GPS mapping system.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    adidas AG, Germany
  • In-house design:
    adidas AG, Scott Tomlinson, Germany
adidas miCoach SMART RUN | Red Dot Design Award
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