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Advent Advent

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“Advent Advent” is an Advent calendar in form of a book. The pages have a different colour for every week and feature typographically distinctive numbers. They are perforated on the margins and conceal absurdly profound illus-trations inside. Conceived as a creative and memorable media of self-promotion, this Advent calendar every day directs the attention for a few moments to the giver. It surprises with an unusual form and with contents that are rather unconventional for the Christmas season.

  • Client:
    Studio Delhi, Mainz
  • Design:
    Studio Delhi, Mainz
  • art direction/concept:
    Manuela Rech, Klaus Chmielewski
  • graphic design:
    Katrin Janka, Anika Obenland
  • illustration:
    Manuela Rech