Sound Branding


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In order to acoustically communicate the brand values of solidarity and performance as well as to translate their visual identity into sound, clapping was chosen as the core element, for its clear audial character always has positive connotations. Moreover, a handshake represents trust and is a symbol of friendship and closeness. The combination of instruments – mellotron, vibraphone and harpsichord – fittingly translates the company’s visual identity, with its diagonal line being alluded to through a break in the music. Male and female voices of all ages additionally illustrate the brand’s closeness to its customers.

  • Client:
    AG2R LA MONDIALE, Paris head of external communication Emmanuel Chazalet public relations Amélie Potel
  • Design:
    Alexander Wodrich Sound Branding, Berlin; Georg Spehr, tonophonie, Berlin
  • music/sound design:
    Johannes Lehniger, Holger Schuhmann, Johann Gottfried Sound System
  • creative sound direction/concept:
    Georg Spehr, Alexander Wodrich
  • strategic brand consulting:
    Elodie Boyer, Elodie Boyer Conseil