Air by crazybaby

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The Air by crazybaby wireless headphones contain an innovative carbon nanotube diaphragm which, together with the 5.2 mm driver and the CSR chip, provide high-quality, realistic stereo sound. Thanks to Bluetooth 4.2, a quick and stable connection to mobile devices is established, through which different language assistants can be called up. The headphones are extremely small and designed for a safe and comfortable fit in each ear. Moreover, they are water- and sweat-resistant. Special lightweight and skin-friendly sleeves made of medical-grade silicone are available for athletes.

Statement by the Jury

These ergonomically designed headphones accommodate high-grade components, thanks to which wireless music listening becomes a real joy.

  • Manufacturer:
    crazybaby, Shenzhen, China
  • In-house design:
    Allen Zhang, Calvin Wu