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Airbottle | Red Dot Design Award

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Airbottle is a portable air purifier for all ages. It resembles the shape of a milk bottle; the streamlined design protects infants from potential accidents and comforts them with its soothing colour. Despite its small size, Airbottle uses a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, which is often used in larger air purifiers. This helps Airbottle achieve an air purification rate of 99.95%. A small eyehole enables customers to check when they need to change the filter while it’s still in use. Airbottle uses two built-in sensors to measure the quality of incoming and outgoing air. Users can intuitively check the air quality and pollution level through the coloured LED lights: blue for good, green for normal, orange for poor and red for bad. For infants, Airbottle also provides a specially-designed, multi-layer protective mask as an accessory. The mask is contactless, providing a layer of clean air right in front of the infant’s nose and mouth. The flow of air can be adjusted via a mobile app. Combined with the pacifier – which is available in different models – the mask allows infants to breathe easily and naturally. As hygiene is exceptionally important for infants, the mask can be disassembled easily, making cleaning a breeze.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Airlab Inc., South Korea
  • Design Lead:
    Kim Sanghoon
  • Design:
    Noh Garam
Airbottle | Red Dot Design Award