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Airport Heroes

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This pack of game cards for Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan, was created to unify and motivate the airport’s 6,500 employees. Aimed at communicating that every single airport employee is a hero and part of a team, the staff members were photographed in their typical work attire and the images were placed against coloured backgrounds to emphasise the individual characters and their humanity. The swap cards created in this way are meant to invite employees to interact and bond with colleagues in other roles. The cards can be collected to form a complete set or matched to posters.

  • Client:
    Tokyo International Air, Terminal Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
  • Design:
    Interbrand Japan, Tokyo, Japan
  • Project Management:
    Kazuo Suguro
  • Photography:
    Akihiro Ito
  • Graphic Design:
    Yosuke Azuma, Takahiro Inada
  • Creative Direction:
    William Woduschegg