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akf bank Annual Report 2013

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In the 2013 annual report of akf bank, the relationship between space, human beings and companies make up the thematic framework. The different perspectives of the considerations, which retrace the cultural history of the relationship between people and the spaces and architecture in which they live, stand in contrast to the strict perspective of the illustrations. It is kept exclusively in discreet hues of black, white and grey so that nothing distracts from the focus on the often philosophical content, underlined and enhanced by visualisations which give abstract interpretations. The images thus manage to open up new spaces and simultaneously serve as a symbol for the akf bank’s real move to its new premises, also hinted at in the title of the report, “new rooms”. Matching the unpretentious no-frills typeface, the business situation and financial balance are also presented in a design marked by clarity and a harmonious arrangement. Readers are provided with an interesting insight into the world of finance as well as the approach of the bank and the attitude of its employees.

Statement by the Jury

At first glance, this annual report features a design that is reminiscent of an institute of architecture or design but not of a bank. The highly aesthetic appearance convinces with the austere approach it follows to tell its story as well as with its harmoniously applied typeface.

  • Client:
    akf bank GmbH & Co KG, Wuppertal Büro für Design Petra Hattab, Wuppertal
  • Design:
    herzogenrathsaxler design, Düsseldorf