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Akrapovič 25th Anniversary Logo

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As part of Akrapovič’s 25th anniversary, a special signet was designed which specifically emphasises their bond with racing. The challenge was to design a 25th anniversary logo shaped like a racetrack and the number 25 which would be independent from, and serve as an adaptable accessory to the existing corporate logo – all the while having a strong, solid and compact form along with an authentic design conveying sportiness and dynamics. It has become an embodiment of the company’s dedication and values, and was prominently featured on racing machines competing in numerous categories of two- and four-wheel racing, as well as on all company visual communication throughout 2016.

  • Art Direction:
    Slavojka Akrapovič
  • Animation:
    Andrej Perčič
  • Client:
    Akrapovič d.d., Ivančna Gorica, Slovenia
  • Design:
    Akrapovič Kreativa, Ivančna Gorica, Slovenia
  • Graphic Design:
    Bojan Perko