Aktion Piepmätze

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The colourful Görtz world of birds presents itself in all the Görtz sales areas set up for children’s shoes. For this purpose, a lovingly designed birdhouse is of course indispensable: a big colourful book all about our feathered friends to play with and marvel at. Along with five different bird packagings for shoelaces, in the form of a sale special, it has served to increase customer frequency in the Görtz sales areas for children’s shoes and to win over customers for the Görtz store card.

  • Client:
    Görtz GmbH, Hamburg head of marketing Michael Jacobs
  • Design:
    gürtlerbachmann Werbung GmbH, Hamburg
  • creative direction/concept:
    Uli Gürtler
  • art direction:
    Merle Schröder, Veronika Kieneke
  • project management:
    Anne Kukereit
  • illustration:
    Merle Schröder, Veronika Kieneke
  • text:
    Claudia Oltmann