Beverage Packaging

Alchan Soymilk

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The Alchan Soymilk series is made from Jeju soybeans. Jeju Island in Korea is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its unique volcanic topography. The bottle design represents the brand identity in a storytelling manner by showing simplified motifs of a farm, soybeans and a Harubang, which is a stone statue that can only be found on Jeju Island. Each beverage flavour has its own colour design reflecting the respective main ingredient: green for original soybeans, black for black soybeans and brown for five kinds of grain.

  • Client:
    Kwangdong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Seoul
  • Design:
    Kwangdong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Seoul
  • Creative Direction:
    Sangmin Lee
  • Graphic Design:
    Giho Park