Red Dot Design Award


Alineo | Red Dot Design Award

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Alineo is designed to be a sophisticated modern task light that adds harmony and refinement to the modern office environment whether in use or not. The thin anodised body unfolds to cover the work surface in a smooth pleasing action, adding an elegantly sculptural aesthetic to the workplace. The anodised aluminium construction produces a quality tactile experience while its simple, elegant form language communicates purposeful and refined functionality and a high degree of design refinement. These qualities allow the lamp to remain visually unobtrusive when not required. Lighting quality can be enhanced by tuning the brightness and light temperature – critical elements in achieving optimum levels of lighting performance. Adjusting the light output is simply achieved by adjusting two knurled control wheels. These purposefully unmarked dials communicate their effect through the first interaction with the adjustment wheel. No further visual reminder is needed to clutter the aesthetic of the product. One dial controls brightness and the other light temperature. Being able to vary light temperature gives the user the option of cool-blue light useful for work and focus, or a warm light that is more relaxing.  Alineo is a high-performance task lamp with elevated levels of lighting performance designed to add form, function and beauty to modern architectural environments. It can be specified as a free standing floor lamp or mounted vertically on a wall. The wall mounted version features a modified base and swing arm, allowing light to illuminate the wall surface when not extended, doubling as an ambient fixture when task lighting is not required. Alineo's “active hinge” construction removes the possibility of wear and tear on electrical wires. Embedded within the hinge are three brass pogo-pins, conducting electricity to the LEDs through an uncoated area of aluminium. 

Red Dot Design Award

  • Institution:
    The School of Design, College of Creative Arts, Massey University, New Zealand
  • Faculty Advisor:
    Rodney Adank, Emma Fox Derwin, Lyn Garrett
  • Design:
    Felix Turvey
Alineo | Red Dot Design Award