Spatial Communication Design

AlpenRoute Village

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For the space branding of the financial company AlpenRoute, the firm’s initials A and R served to compose a symbol mark expressing a continually growing tree ring. The aim was to visualise the philosophy that the times AlpenRoute shares with its clients do not just disappear but rather continue on meaningfully. This idea was extended to design patterns and a space design named AlpenRoute Village. The notion of a relation-building continuum was transferred into the interior in the sense that boundaries between spaces are bridged and the individual areas and workspaces are connected with one another via overarching architectural elements.

  • Design:
    Jongmin Kim, Hongik University, Sejong City Minsoo Lee, Hanyang University, Ansan City, Gyeonggi Province Heebon Koo, Studio Unmet, Seoul
  • Client:
    AlpenRoute, Seoul