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ALPHA Series (XQG100-P1DL)

ALPHA Series (XQG100-P1DL) | Red Dot Design Award

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Design and inspiration

The Panasonic ALPHA washing machine, which has been developed in cooperation with the Studio F. A. Porsche, shows a minimalist design based on Bauhaus maxims. It aims at breaking the design limitation of traditional washing machines and bringing a comprehensive improvement of quality, value and practicability. Designed with a wheel housing shaped drum, its robust construction allows a speed of up to 1,600 rounds per minute, which makes for excellent washing results. The self-explanatory arrangement and stylistic idiom of the clear user interface gives a professional reading performance and lends this washing machine a classic and elegant appearance. Moreover, the Panasonic ALPHA washing machine also features a five-point suspension shockproof system, carrying a CBB ball centrifugal balance wheel and integrating the shock absorber principle of a metal balance block. This system can effectively filter vibrations and deliver stable and quiet operation even at maximum spin speed. A special high-quality aluminium-blended rotary knob for setting the machine follows the logic of a professional control system, while using the infinite damping design of a high-end audio knob. Thus, the turning process promotes an enhanced user comfort and delivers a high-quality experience, showcasing pre-eminent taste.

Statement by the Jury

This washing machine impresses with its focused ­design. It showcases aesthetic clarity and a conclusively defined functionality in harmony with beautiful materials. Both the overall style and the reduced interface lend it an air of exclusivity. Operation is intuitive and comfortable by means of a single rotary knob. The ­information shown on the TFT display provides direct status feedback.

Red Dot Design Award

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