Floorstanding Heat Pump with Water Storage

Altherma 3


The appearance of the Altherma 3 heat pump is marked by an interplay of smooth surfaces and subtle details. Its compact form ensures easy installation. The housing with its flowing lines of the sides is a visual reference to the element of water, with which the heat pump works. A narrow blue ring around the centrally positioned “Daikin Eye” directs the view onto the control panel. Non-composite materials such as sheet metal, copper and standard plastics make disassembly and recycling easy.

  • Manufacturer:
    Daikin Europe nv, Oostende, Belgium
  • Design:
    yellow design gmbh, Alexander Schlag Kyoko Tanaka Michael Küpper , Pforzheim, Germany

Statement by the Jury

The clear design of the heat pump visually points at its uncomplicated operation. Placing the design focus on its user interface additionally underlines the user-friendly orientation of the device.