Wall-Mounted Heat Pump

Altherma 3

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This heat pump follows a new design strategy that is entirely aimed at combining functionality, form language and user perception. At its centre is the graphical user interface. It clearly displays the operating mode as well as the most important functions, allowing an intuitive interaction of the user with the device. Additional functions can be conveniently controlled and monitored via an app. Sturdy and recyclable materials lend it an impression of reliability and durability.

Statement by the Jury

The heat pump impresses with its unobtrusive design, which easily integrates into bathrooms and kitchens. The sustainability of its heat production is further underlined by the use of recyclable materials.

  • Manufacturer:
    Daikin Europe nv, Oostende, Belgium
  • In-house design:
    Daikin Design Team
  • Design:
    yellow design gmbh, Kyoko Tanaka Michael Küpper Alexander Schlag , Pforzheim, Germany