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Amenite | Red Dot Design Award

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Distinctively pleasant to the touch

Damascus steel has been appreciated throughout history not only for its special properties, but above all, for its decorative patterns. Produced in a composite steel process, the blades stand out due to high quality and individuality. The Amenite table cutlery has been designed using this traditional craftsmanship approach in combination with modern technology. The product series is manufactured in the Richard Kappeller workshop, located in the old town of Salzburg, and is targeted at both upscale restaurants and for use at home. The aim was to appeal to a wider circle of customers and promote Salzburg-based craftsmanship as the source of a unique experience. This table cutlery exudes a modern, yet elegant and light appearance. It rests well in the hand and is highly pleasing to the touch. The concept behind its sophisticated functionality consists of being able to accompany guests through the entire menu. It is made of high-quality stainless Damascus steel, which is forged, milled, thermally hardened and finished by hand, which makes it highly durable. In addition, the combination of modern CNC technology and skilled handwork in the production of the cutlery also allows customers to specify individual wishes and decorative needs, with a portfolio that embraces the use of different materials or customised engravings such as in the form of a restaurant logo.

Statement by the Jury

The Amenite table cutlery managed in a fascinating manner to transform Damascus steel into an outstanding elegant design. Otherwise known rather from the area of knife production, the material opens up a new field of application targeted at the upscale gastronomy. Light and perfectly balanced, this table cutlery rests well in the hands of users. Also outstanding are its quality craftsmanship and the distinctive finish with its sensually appealing feel.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    Messermacher Kappeller GmbH, Salzburg, Austria
  • In-house design:
    Richard Kappeller Andreas Mathieson
Amenite | Red Dot Design Award
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