Red Dot Design Award


Amorphous | Red Dot Design Award

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Amorphous is an installation with a design based on the amorphous molecular structure of glass that has been enlarged to one billion times its actual size. Around 5,000 pieces of thin, chemically strengthened glass were used to create the installation, with subtle vibrations expressing the molecular movement. The result is that each angle reveals a different hue, with every surface reflecting the light. Although onlookers can clearly see their reflection as if looking in a mirror, the glass also allows the onlooker to see through it and admire the scenery on the other side. The thinness of AGC’s chemically strengthened glass has created a light, flexible, expressive glass installation, which inspires and shows the future possibilities of glass.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Project Coordination:
    Asatsu-DK Inc., ADK Arts Inc., IXI Co., Ltd., Tokyo
  • Lighting Design:
    Izumi Okayasu, Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design Office
  • Design:
    NOSIGNER, Yokohama Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design Office, Tokyo
  • Music/Sound Design:
    Kenta Kamiyama, Tokyo
  • Client:
    AGC Asahi Glass, Tokyo
  • Photography:
    Akihide Mishima, Tokyo
  • Spatial Design:
    Eisuke Tachikawa, Kunihiko Sato, NOSIGNER
Amorphous | Red Dot Design Award