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Ampathy | Red Dot Design Award

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People who have auditory impairment are often isolated from communications with others, especially when it comes to social and cultural activities such as listening to music or watching a movie. Although they are unable to hear sounds, they are very sensitive to vibrations. Hence, Ampathy is a vibration speaker designed for both the hearing impaired and people who have normal hearing abilities. Its speaker converts sound into solid vibration, and then produces sound and vibrations together so that the hearing impaired can enjoy music or a movie together with everyone else in real-time. Ampathy comprises high and low register speakers, a well as a vibration module that provides three-dimensional vibration experience. It works wirelessly – simply recharge the device’s battery in the cradle. Its surface is a fabric material for soft sensations, and interactions with the speakers are inspired by waves of water. Users control the functions with a touch panel located on the upper part of the device.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Jung Sewon, Koo Hyungjun, Park Hyunsu, Yeon Taekwon, South Korea