ANCHOR + No. 6701


Anchor + No. 6701 is equipped with a system that makes transporting luggage when travelling easier. Pressing down the carrying handle blocks the wheels of the case immediately. This brake system was inspired by the image of a ship casting anchor. Just like an anchor, the brake stops the suitcase firmly. If the handle is pulled out again, the wheels are automatically released. Whether travelling on a bus, train or by air, this suitcase gives its user enormous flexibility and increased security.

  • Manufacturer:
    T & S Co., Ltd., Suitcase Designing Company, Koshigaya, Japan
  • In-house design:
    T & S Co., Ltd., Suitcase Designing Company, Ruicheng Qi, Koshigaya, Japan

Statement by the Jury

This suitcase offers increased convenience by integrating the button for the locking brake into the case handle, which makes for intuitive use.