Antalis Diary 2011

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“Each day is valuable, enjoy life, unique encounters must be captured for eternity” – this journal presents thought-provoking impulses and utilises an unusual typography and very minimalistic illustrations, that can also stand alone. Short worldly wisdoms, instructions on behaviour or simply single words are given a lot of space on one double-page spread each, in order to achieve their full effect. Explanatory commentaries in small print complement these illustrations.

  • Client:
    Antalis (Hong Kong) Ltd., Hong Kong
  • Design:
    Eric Chan Design Co. Ltd., Hong Kong
  • creative direction:
    Eric Chan
  • art direction/concept:
    Eric Chan, Iris Yu
  • graphic design:
    Eric Chan, Iris Yu, Andries Lee, Sandi Lee, Miva Tsang
  • illustration:
    Miva Tsang, Iris Yu