Red Dot Design Award

Antonymous – The Digital Smoke Bomb

Antonymous – The Digital Smoke Bomb | Red Dot Design Award

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It is a fact that Google collects all the data of their users, including most private information, in order to reveal people’s digital identity and make them absolutely transparent. The Pirate Party presented the website “Antonymous, the digital smoke bomb” to deal with this problem of data privacy. This online tool gives users the chance to confuse Google by using a simple but ingenious trick: when entering a search request to the website, Antonymous additionally searches for the respective antonym, as the exact opposite, in the background and thus assists users to cover their tracks and be less transparent.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Piratenpartei, Berlin
  • Design:
  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Alexander Schill
  • Executive Creative Direction:
    Christoph Nann
  • Account Supervision:
    Alexander Fleischer, Robin Stolp
  • Creative Direction:
    Wolf-Eike Galle, Oliver Olsen
  • Art Direction:
    Andrej Krahne
  • Copywriting:
    Maurice Schoenbaeck, Christoph Sarnacki
  • Programming:
    Mario Wimmer,
Antonymous – The Digital Smoke Bomb | Red Dot Design Award