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ANU Rugged | Red Dot Design Award

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ANU Rugged is a line of electricity generation, storage and communication equipment. The equipment creates the conditions necessary for a professional to work anywhere, even in the woods or in a location with unreliable power and network connectivity. ANU Rugged turns the campsite into an office. The equipment fits into a bike frame bag, which can be converted into a messenger bag for day hikes. Power is created by harnessing energy from the surrounding environment, through fire or gravitational potential energy, which is not dependent on environmental conditions such as the presence of sun, wind or flowing water. Electricity is stored in a bandolier of batteries and used to power essential devices. Using magnetic power connectors housed in side-release buckles, energy is transmitted through electronic textiles. The central item in the product line is the battery bandolier, which houses and charges multiple rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The batteries can be removed from the pockets and used individually for phones and small devices or together in the bandolier to supply energy to larger devices, such as laptops or cameras. The batteries can be charged in series or parallel, allowing the user to prioritise fewer batteries at full charge or more batteries at partial charge. Two products charge the batteries. One channels the power of gravity, using the weight of a stuff sack full of local debris or camping equipment to turn a gear assembly and power a dynamo. The other charging product harnesses the heat energy of the user’s campfire to turn a compact steam turbine. All of these products also provide power to a satellite communication device that allows the user to connect any personal devices to the internet. For more advanced controls or troubleshooting, a smartphone or laptop can be wirelessly connected to the device.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Brantley Everett, Rafael Hulme, Justin Montan, Ian Reddick, Robert Weeks, United States