Laser Rangefinder



Thanks to its simple design and high user-friendliness, the compact, intelligent Apecrafts laser rangefinder is easy to use for both professionals and laypeople. With the help of an app, the measurements can be converted into a three-dimensional layout, which automatically shows the respective floor plan. In addition, the user can decorate the rooms in the app and thus get a preview of possible renovations.

  • Manufacturer:
    Beijing Ximi Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing, China
  • Design:
    LKK Design Shenzhen Co., Ltd. (Yonggao Li, Hongyao Lu, Yichao Li, Jianhui Zhang), Shenzhen, China

Statement by the Jury

The Apecrafts laser rangefinder impresses with its premium look, which results from the contrast between its softly gleaming housing and black interface.