Packaging Design

Apivita Kids – Shampoo range for children

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Apivita Kids is a shampoo range for children and, like all products under the Apivita umbrella brand, is made of natural and organic ingredients. The design of the packaging features a series of playful characters that are easy to remember for consumers and children in particular. Each of the motifs features a different colour and individual look. They represent one of the shampoo’s natural ingredients, which include apricot, tangerine and wild berry. The naive and almost childlike illustrations – small bees on the shampoo range for babies and children on the range for kids – with their large eyes and colourful hair serve as affectionate mascots and brand ambassadors. The series comes in brown bottles, which are reminiscent of pharmacy bottles containing distilled essences. In addition, the unusual shape of the packaging also helps to distinguish the product from the competition. Statement by the jury »The packaging design met with high approval because it relies strongly on the appeal and persuasiveness of its illustrations. The way they communicate the natural ingredients and influence how these are perceived by consumers is highly imaginative and unique. The entire visual identity conveys a highly positive image – both to children and their parents.«

  • Client:
    Apivita, Athens
  • Design:
    dkd, Athens
  • creative direction/art direction:
    Peter Dimopoulos
  • graphic design:
    Konstantina Vezou
  • illustration:
    Carmen García Bartolomé