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Apple Cinema Displays

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Cinema for the desktop ­ of frames and forms. Suddenly it was everywhere. In the 1990s, the translucent and colourful iMac integrated the screen in a compact and organically designed casing. This was definitely no novelty for Apple design, but it once again demonstrated that a computer is not necessarily defined by any known form ­ its design can be freely interpreted and can change completely from one day to the next. The Apple Cinema Display line consists of a 20-inch display, a 23-inch high-definition display and a very large 30-inch high-definition display. Their design matches the anodised aluminium casings of the Power Mac and the PowerBook. These extremely high-resolution displays have a fine and simple look. They appear to be almost weightless, because they consist of a single piece of aluminium without a visible mounting. Due to this very slim frame design several of these displays can be placed next to one another ­ an aspect that is important in many different types of work. Another innovative feature of the Cinema Displays is the functionally designed, smoothly operating hinge. With a hardly noticeable movement the monitor's position can be altered. The display design also creates a visibility angle ranging from ­5 to +25 degrees. The Cinema Displays' interfaces and plug-ins are cleverly thought out; they are self-explanatory and reduced to the essentials. The most important operating elements are located on the side of the screen where they are easily accessible and the single cable at the back of the screen enables an elegant cable route. Via their DVI connector, the Apple Cinema Displays can be quickly and easily connected to other personal computers as well as mobile computers such as for example the Apple PowerBook. This results in an expression of an extremely consistent language of forms. The Cinema Displays have a fine aesthetic appearance, which is functional as well as self-explanatory. It creates a new framework for the form of a computer.

  • Manufacturer:
    Apple, Inc., USA
  • In-house design:
    Apple, Inc., Apple Design Team, USA