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Kitchen Mixer Tap

Aquno Select M81

Aquno Select M81 | Red Dot Design Award

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Experiencing water

Running water is required in kitchens on a daily basis for both food preparation and cleaning, while coordinating the different work steps during cooking themselves can also sometimes become highly complex. The design of the Aquno Select M81 product series thus interpreted the kitchen mixer tap as the centre of an optimised workflow. Designed for use in generously dimensioned sinks, the model with a roundly arched spout impresses with a delightful geometric interplay of cubic and circular shapes. The striking look of this kitchen tap blends stylishly into the kitchen ambience. The multifunctional concept includes a pull-out spray, as well as a sophisticated tablet with an accentuated edge guide in the lower fitting area that allows water to flow in an innovative manner. Users can choose between a clear laminar shower, a voluminous jet shower and an array of horizontal sprays that are positioned at the base of the mixer for showering from lower and closer to the basin. Depending on the work step, this diversified water stream made of micro-fine single sprays can be used for gently rinsing sensitive food, for spray-cleaning large objects without splashing, and for washing one’s hands while conserving resources. In combination with a tailor-made multifunctional strainer, this mixer lends ease and aesthetic appeal to the process of preparing food – in a novel approach towards experiencing water.

Statement by the Jury

Refreshingly innovative and elegantly implemented, the concept of the Aquno Select M81 reinterprets the kitchen mixer tap and thus promotes an optimised workflow in the kitchen. Showcasing a highly attractive language of form, this model inspires with its concise design and clear lines. The accentuated edge guide in the lower fitting area goes hand in hand with an impressively sophisticated functionality and expanded options of how to let water flow.

Red Dot Design Award

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