Exhibition Design

Archaeology Switzerland – Terra, Homo, Natura

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The permanent archaeological exhibition “Archaeology Switzerland” at the National Museum Zurich in Switzerland offers three approaches to the past with the sections “Terra”, “Homo” and “Natura”. The “Terra” section invites visitors to stroll below the Swiss landscape in the shape of an orographic rib-type model hovering in mid-air. “Homo” offers a chronological overview of 100,000 years of human history with artefacts from the Palaeolithic to the Early Middle Ages. And the “Natura” section discusses the human influence on nature at seven hands-on stations that are enriched by an interactive panorama projection.

  • Art Direction:
    Carmen Utz
  • Client:
    Bundesamt für Bauten und Logistik BBL, Bern, Switzerland
  • Media Planning:
    medienprojekt p2, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Media Production:
    2av, Ulm, Germany
  • Design/General Planning:
    ATELIER BRÜCKNER, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Creative Direction:
    Prof. Uwe R. Brückner
  • Light Planning:
    Atelier Derrer, Zurich, Switzerland
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