Information System, Exhibition Design

Architectural Particles

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The theme of the exhibition “Architectural Particles” is consistently implemented through a three-dimensional information system: modular octahedrons and tetrahedrons serve as the basic shapes and grids of all information displays, which seem to flow and evolve across the room. Texts, drawings, photographs and films are rigorously but playfully placed in an unusual baseline grid. With their unconventional character, they encourage visitors to take in the information while remaining easy to read and comprehensible.

  • Client:
    Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln / Museum of Applied Arts Cologne
  • Design:
    großgestalten kommunikationsdesign, Cologne Tobias Groß, Jazek Poralla
  • exhibition concept:
    Dr. Romana Breuer
  • exhibition design:
    Ayşin Ipekçi
  • text:
    Werbetechnik Kleiner