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AreCoustic | Red Dot Design Award

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For the construction of AreCoustic, nutshells of betel nuts are collected from the vendors and are defibrated. Chemicals are then added and then the fibre is dyed. Finally, the processed fibres are glued with Polyurethane, making them elastic and strong. With a porous, rough surface, they can eliminate echoes and reduce noise. This material is applied to acoustic panels and cushions. Furniture can also be made using this material and other parts of the betel plant – for example, the stool’s legs can be made of fallen betel palm leaves. The leaf sheaths are softened by soaking them to water, then shaped into tubes and dried. These sheath-made legs are light and tough, strong enough to bear the weight of a person.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Ni I-Ting, Su Ting-Hsuan, Taiwan