Recessed Spotlight


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Light plays a central role in the perception of a room. Therefore, sophisticated concepts are often created in interior design to achieve a desired atmosphere. The Argo recessed spotlight combines a homogenous form language with a perfected concept of modularity. In a product category which is more technically oriented, Argo stands out with its organic form and soft appearance. This recessed spotlight, which is powder coated, uses an effective COB-LED technology and thus consumes very little electricity. Furthermore, the principle of various, easily exchangeable reflectors is well thought through. With them, it is possible to achieve a punctiform, normal or wide beam of light. The Argo recessed spotlight can be swivelled out up to 90 degrees and can be rotated through 360 degrees. This functionality, which fits circumstances, makes it very flexible. The user can intuitively adapt it to rapidly changing situations such as occur regularly in shop design. Argo’s coherent concept offers so many lighting possibilities that, through it, the recessed spotlight experiences a fascinating reinterpretation.

Statement by the Jury

With its well-balanced design, the Argo recessed spotlight adds harmony to an interior. It can be used in many ways for example in shop design as it can be swivelled out up to 90 degrees and rotated through 360 degrees. This charming recessed spotlight can be rapidly adapted to any situation. As the details have been carefully thought out, it is convincing in whatever position it is put.

  • Manufacturer:
    XAL GmbH, Austria
  • Design:
    BLOCHER BLOCHER PARTNERS, Stuttgart, Germany
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