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Aria Inhalers

Aria Inhalers | Red Dot Design Award

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Inhaler users tend to dislike using their inhalers in public as this attracts attention. Existing devices also feel cheap and lacking in subtlety: they are usually bulky, bright and plastic. Functionally, timing the dose is difficult with the current compressed canister delivery method. Furthermore, users dislike how current devices are disposable. The number of used inhalers that are thrown away adds up to 29 million per year globally. By updating the technology and evolving the form, the objective is to create a better inhaler – not only to improve its function, but also to forge a strong positive connection between users and the device. The device is updated in two major ways. Firstly, a vapour technology is incorporated for greater flexibility in the types of drugs that can be administered, and also to make dosing (and timing) easier. Secondly, changes are made to the form to create a delivery system that looks more like a sculpture than a medical device. The new device is subtle, elegant and can be palmed discreetly. Made with high quality materials such as wood, silicone and aluminium, it is tactile and feels less disposable. Each inhaler has a single size glass refill pod that holds up to 200 doses. Aria Inhalers are produced in various models. Aria Kids has a rubberised body that survives impacts and increases the precision and grip during dosing. Aria Contemporary looks clean and modern; its horizontal orientation allows it to be held more discreetly, while its tech-forward aesthetic blends in with the current landscape. Aria Sport is designed for active asthmatics; its miniature anodised aluminium body is waterproof and an attachment clip allows the device to be less of a hindrance during activities. Lastly, Aria Heritage connects with long-time asthma sufferers through a timeless inset wood and aluminium body designed to weather beautifully.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design Studio:
    THRIVE, United States
  • Team Lead:
    John White
  • Design:
    Justin Arsenault, Delroy Dennisur, Clay Prickett, Ryan Sanderson, Bethany Whitlock
Aria Inhalers | Red Dot Design Award