Cosmetics Packaging


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The packaging design for the Greek brand “Aroma” (the Greek word for fragrance) comprises a comprehensive product range of organic hair care products available in supermarkets. The objective was to develop a distinctive product appearance that clearly stands out among numerous competitors. Stylised depictions of the two main ingredients were designed for each of the three “Aroma” lines: olive leaves and balsam flowers, bay leaves and golden sesame, oil, milk and honey. The typography is sharp and black, setting an interesting counterpoint to the bright colour palette of the graphics.

  • Client:
    OIKOS SA, Athens
  • Design:
    2YOLK, Athens
  • Managing Director:
    Emmanouela Bitsaxaki
  • Creative Direction:
    George Karayiannis
  • Graphic Design:
    Eleni Pavlaki
  • Studio Management:
    Alexandra Papaloudi