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This image film is based on the idea of a short story, with vignettes that are used as brief identity spots on television. Individual scenes illustrate a kaleidoscopic story that revolves around encounters. The ARTE channel undertakes a journey during which various people come together, day or night. Despite many surprising turns, the individual sub-plots repeatedly entwine with one another to form story arches, thus lending the film a special forward-looking, poetic quality.

  • Client:
    ARTE G.E.I.E., Strasbourg
  • Design:
    ARTE G.E.I.E., Strasbourg
  • creative direction:
    Ulli Krieg
  • art direction sound:
    Catherine Lagarde, Novaspot
  • composer:
    Laurent Parisi
  • project management:
    Stefan Orb
  • photography:
    Detlev Overmann
  • film production:
  • film direction:
    Joe Vanhoutteghem