Asus Pro B9440

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With twelve hours of battery life and a weight of less than 1 kg, the Asus Pro B9440 ranks in the ultrabook line for the business sector. A special hinge lifts the keyboard when opening, creating an ergonomic typing angle. An anti-glare screen allows users to work from the laptop more comfortably. With a bezel of 4.3 mm and a 14” screen, the footprint is relatively compact. A fingerprint scanner ensures efficiency and security. Stable magnesium alloys make this ultrabook a reliable and sturdy working tool.

Statement by the Jury

The reduced weight, despite high-quality materials, and the slightly angled keyboard make the Asus Pro B9440 an efficient ultrabook in the business sector.

  • Manufacturer:
    ASUSTeK Computer Inc., Taipei, Taiwan
  • In-house design:
    ASUSTeK Computer Inc., Taipei, Taiwan