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Athletes | Red Dot Design Award

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The poster campaign “Athletes” celebrates the Olympic movement and its universal spirit. It shows the positioning of the Coca-Cola brand as a part of youth culture with a focus on the peaceful and joyful togetherness of all cultures, where race and religion do not matter. The campaign is eye-catching and vibrantly colourful, and it features strong imagery achieved through an integration of the Coca-Cola brand logo into the representation of a variety of Olympic disciplines.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Coca-Cola Schweiz GmbH, Brüttisellen
  • Design:
    McCann Deutschland, Berlin
  • head of marketing:
    Tea Gallegly
  • creative direction/concept:
    Bill Biancoli
  • art direction:
    Birol Bayrakta, Michael Jacob, Florian Fischkal
  • text:
    Bill Biancoli, Florian Kaehler
  • illustration:
    Yue-Shin Lin
  • account manageme t:
    Christiane Hahn
Athletes | Red Dot Design Award