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Portable Testing Station

Atlas Copco BLM Bench

Atlas Copco BLM Bench | Red Dot Design Award

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The BLM Bench is a new generation of portable testing stations for accuracy measurement and validation of tightening tools. Compared to the preceding model, the weight has been reduced by 60 per cent. Operation is possible via both an external monitor and a tablet computer. The system stores data and communicates the test results for further analysis. LEDs indicate that the break, which replaces the screw or bolted connection of the test station in the ground, has been actuated. Thanks to innovative aluminium profiles, it is possible to produce the station in different sizes and variants.

Statement by the Jury

The utterly homogeneous appearance of the BLM Bench with its flush surfaces and monochrome colour scheme com­petently conveys its character as an independent mobile station.

Red Dot Design Award